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Email to activists

The report into Russian meddling in our elections and the referendum is being suppressed by Number 10. It is also drifting out of public consciousness.

We need to bring it back. The public MUST know what is in it before Dec 12th so we are launching a ‘pop-up’ campaign to run from Saturday 16th to Monday 18th November to try to force Johnson’s hand. The plan is a weekend of social media campaigning with Twitter storms on Saturday and Sunday evening, followed by radio engagement on Monday.

Hashtags for all social media posts: #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #WhatAreYouHiding #MakeItStop. Keep using these! We need to get them trending.

Key Messaging:

  • The Intelligence and Security Committee wrote a wide-ranging report into the intelligence and security threat that Russia allegedly poses to the UK.It includes a section on possible Russian influence in elections and the risk of subversion of democracy and democratic processes.
  • The report is complete and has been cleared for release by everyone (including the Intelligence Services) bar Number 10. There is NO good reason to delay its release.
  • The chair of the committee, Dominic Grieve, has said the reasons given for its suppression until AFTER the election are: “completely inaccurate, misleading and wrong”. We are being lied to. So, the question is –
  • We demand to see the report before December 12th. It is our democratic right.

You can help us get this critical issue back in the headlines by doing all or any of the following: .

  • Write to your local/national paper and your national paper, if you read one. Make the points above. Keep it short and share on social media.
  • Write to the Electoral Commission
  • Call into your local radio station on Monday and tell them you want to see that report!
  • Look out for news of demos/rallies outside TV/Radio studios and handwrite a sign saying #ReleaseTheRussiaReport.
  • Share our special memes across social media
  • Join our Twitter storm between 18:30 and 19:30 on Saturday and Sunday night using #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #WhatAreYouHiding and #MakeItStop on Saturday and adding #GetItOutThere on Sunday ahead of the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ launch.
  • Have a petition or Brexitometer style board on your street stall asking people if Johnson should #ReleaseTheRussiaReport YES/NO?
  • Make a sign saying #ReleaseTheRussiaReport and post a selfie on Instagram/Twitter and Facebook. Use it to hide your face, if you are shy!


Our democracy is under threat from hostile forces. We must fight back! #ReleaseTheRussiaReport!

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