Letter to the Editor – Walsall template

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Three main points for any letter to the press:

Johnson will not get Brexit done
The 2016 referendum was not democratic
Why we need to stay in the EU

Suggested framework text – put your own group’s or your own individual slant on it if you like, including recommending tactical voting, and perhaps which candidates that means:

“Brexit dominates the news and politics. Yet we still do not have a plan for Brexit, nor know exactly what it will entail. We do know that we have poisoned our relationship with our nearest neighbours and that Brexit risks peace on the island of Ireland. We know that Brexit risks serious damage to our economy, that both Scotland and Northern Ireland may leave the union as a result, and that it will adversely affect the NHS. We know that we will lose European cooperation in a host of hidden but important areas – security, policing, treatment of rare diseases, response to epidemics, healthcare when abroad, scientific research, education, to name but a few. Further, and very important, Boris Johnson’s policy will not “get Brexit done” but plunge us into many years of ongoing negotiations with the EU alongside coping with the consequences of Brexit.

Is it responsible to take these risks?

The 2016 EU referendum was won by a very narrow majority. Many of Vote Leave’s claims appear to have been misinformation at best and at worst outright untruths. Voters were subject to xenophobic, divisive and socially irresponsible advertisements on social media. Many of those most affected were unable to vote (British citizens who have lived in the EU for more than fifteen years and EU citizens living here). Both Leave campaigns have been fined for illegal overspending. Meanwhile the Parliamentary select committee report into potential Russian interference will not be published until after the general election.

Was this in any way an adequate democratic procedure for such a major decision? Is this a situation where both the decision making process and the decision itself should be reviewed?

Over the past three years Brexit has been the policy of both main political parties (Conservative and Labour). Many newspapers have supported the policy without real discussion of the difficulties and trade-offs required. The BBC has repeatedly failed to challenge politicians about how they plan to achieve Brexit. Despite this the polls have quietly shifted to show that the majority of British people now would vote to stay in the EU.

Since the referendum was not an adequate democratic process, Johnson will not “get Brexit done”, Brexit carries huge risks and the majority of British people would now vote to remain in the EU, we ask voters to consider their vote in this election very carefully.”

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