Letters to the Editor – Trevor F

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This election is becoming the first British Trump campaign, with the conservatives pushing a manipulative politics with a marked lack of media scrutiny. The letter below was originally intended to be sent as a round robin to the Guardian for publication but did not initially attract sufficient support. If you are happy to sign it please contact UKPEN.eu referring to the “Trevor F letter”, in themeantime you may like to be inspired by it, or use it, to write to your local press.
Letter reads as follows
“Reporting of the General Election, especially by the broadcast media, is inadequate. The media are allowing key issues to fly under the radar.
On the crucial claim that the election is about getting Brexit over the line,the claim is false as Brexit will dominate and distort British politics for years to come.
Secondly, the promises made by the parties on generous government spending are meaningless. Until Brexit is sorted the economic and political future of Britain is unknown. With clear signs of economic stagnation and crisis, the chances of increasing tax revenues for government spending are remote.
Most importantly, the voters have been denied access to key information. The major issue of Russian involvement and the political sale of honours in exchange for Farage candidates standing down are not being effectively scrutinised.
The Prime Minister cannot be allowed to get away with keeping these issues under wraps during the election.
yours sincerely”
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