Sorry, this page is a little out of date, we still do Brexitometers but they seem to self manage. 

Brexitometer HQ says this for the weekend of 26/27 January 2019:
Instead of our usual range of questions we want to encourage as many groups to go out across the country with a single question and set of answers. Then when they finish not only tweet the resulting image but also count up the number of votes for each option.

A few of us will then gather all the different boards and results together to create a national brexitometer with regional and demographic variants and a short report to use on social media and in contact with press and MPs in the run up to the vote next Tuesday. We have tried to distill all the options available down to five responses to this single question.

If you were an MP which solution to Brexit would you support next week?

1 Leave EU with No trade deals

2 Renegotiate MAY deal with EU

3 Call a General Election

4 Hold a Peoples Vote

5 Revoke A50 and stay in the EU

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