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Pledge for the future


This campaign promotes in marginals. The idea is to target Lib Dem supporters in, for example, Chingford, referring them to and asking them to vote Labour whilst targetting Labour supporters in, say, St Albans with a similar pitch.

The adverts can be seen at

Clicking on each advert leads to a page such as the one that can be seen at or at
Here are some of the seats we’re targeting:
Bradford South, Brecon and Radnorshire, Chingford, Chipping Barnet, Colne Valley, Dewsbury, Esher, Norwich North, Penistone, Rother Valley, St Albans, Scunthorpe, Wakefield.

You are welcome to suggest others.

The crowdfunder is here:



Archive material – previous actions

Twenty Labour MPs may help Brexit pass.        £10 buys adverts that reach 3000 of their voters.

If Boris Johnson presents an EU-approved deal to Parliament there is a grave danger it will pass with the help of 20 or so Labour MPs. The Times and The Guardian both think this a possibility. Len McCluskey is offering support to any MP who defies Labour’s whip and votes with the Tories.

Perhaps next weekend’s demonstration will persuade MPs to back another referendum. But if it doesn’t – we’re out of Europe with a Brexit controlled by the most right-wing government in memory.

Pledge for the Future believes the receipt of an email from a constituent is the best pressure that can be exerted on an MP. Six months ago we ran adverts in “Labour Heartland” constituencies asking voters to tell their MPs not to vote for Theresa May’s deal.   For £3000 we reached 250,000 voters and persuaded 7,000 of them to at least think about contacting their MP,

We have just launched a similar campaign against any deal that Johnson may contrive. The theme is: Don’t trust Boris. These and our earlier adverts can be seen here

Comments on the adverts also welcome – especially from the constituents of the errant MPs

Please donate either to my PayPal account or the  crowdfunder::

If you are in the constituency and would like to suggest edits please contact us.

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