Say No to No Deal 2020

Initiators: European Movement Harrow and Hillingdon Branch, Oxford for Europe (social media), Grassroots for Europe (reference)

Say No to No Deal 2020

Extend the transition period – Say no to ‘no deal’.

Campaign action ‘tick list’.

(1) Please get lots more people to sign the ‘transition period extension’ petition on the government website. That petition is utterly crucial because it’s broken down by constituency – so your MP will automatically know how many people in his or her constituency have signed it. What’s more, if large numbers of local people sign it, you will then be able to then generate additional media publicity about it (and thus generate even more signatories). Here is the link to this crucial petition:

(2) Please also get lots more people to sign a second petition, which has been launched by the European Movement. Although it is similar to the petition on the government website, it is also very important for a number of reasons and we are urging people to sign both. Here is the link to the European Movement petition:

(3) Please encourage as many of your members (and their friends, work colleagues, relatives, etc) to sign those two petitions. This third request is hugely important – because, if every member/supporter of your local group was to persuade ten other people to sign and they in turn were to persuade five other people to sign, then each petition would get thousands of additional signatures! UK residents of any nationality living anywhere in the UK, as well as UK citizens living in the UK or anywhere else in the world, can sign the petitions. Please publicise the petition on the government website (and, if possible, the second petition) in the local media – to try to generate additional signatures. The one on the government website has the largest number of signatures. Here is an extremely useful map showing how many there are in each constituency in the UK:

(4) If you haven’t done so already, please consider doing research on the various ways ‘no deal’ will impact your local area (that’s crucial for getting additional local media publicity).

(5) Please consider expanding your social media campaign

(6) Please consider launching a conventional media campaign throughout June 

(7) Please continue encouraging your members and supporters (and their friends, colleagues and relatives etc) to email or write to their MPs).

(8) Please also encourage everybody to email or write to the Prime Minister – and also opposition party leaders.

(9) Please encourage as many people as possible to email national, regional and local newspaper editors and TV/radio programmes, etc

(10) Please expand efforts to mobilise local residents, trade union, political, business, religious and other organisations. Please use research (including some of the material in this document) on the key ways in which ‘no deal’ is likely to specifically impact their members.

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