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Grassroots For Europe


Covid-19 has upended everyone's plans over the past 12 months and has partially knocked Brexit off the agenda.  But Brexit hasn't gone away and its impacts are creeping up on the public consciousness as it becomes clear that they are serious and likely to be long term.

So, how do we as a movement prepare ourselves to re-enter the fray once, as we hope, the virus recedes?  Do we talk about the negatives of Brexit or do we need to offer a more positive narrative?

Our guest speakers for this event are very well placed to answer these questions and more.  Naomi Smith, as Chief Executive of Best for Britain, regularly takes soundings from the public in the form of polling and focus groups, so can offer excellent insight into the messages which resonate with the public and those which fall flat.  Effective campaigner, Femi Oluwole, has years of experience of taking messages onto the streets and our TV screens and is hard to beat when it comes to debating our opponents and communicating with the general public.

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