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The EU/UK Forum

With the European Parliament’s recent vote ratifying the Trade and Co-operation Agreement between the EU and the UK, the focus now shifts to its implementation and at how co-operation can be built upon and extended in the coming years.

This inaugural EU-UK Forum annual conference will assess, amongst other things, perhaps the biggest challenge of all: re-building trust and realigning the relationship. It will convene political commentators and experts, policymakers, businesses, and civil society to discuss the nature of the relationship as it stands today and on the key areas for continued and future co-operation.
Speakers include:
Kelly Beaver, Managing Director of Public Affairs, Ipsos MORI and Georgina Wright, Head of Europe Programme, Institut Montaigne
Anand Menon, Director of the UK in a Changing Europe, Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, King’s College London, in conversation with Paul Adamson
Raoul Rapurel, Adviser, Deloitte, Former Adviser to HMG on Brexit in conversation with George Parker, Political Editor, FT
João Vale de Almeida, EU Ambassador to the UK in conversation with John Peet, Political and Brexit editor, The Economist
Terry Reintke MEP in conversation with Stefanie Bolzen, WELT Correspondent, London
Lindsay Appleby, Head of the UK Mission to the European Union, in conversation with Katya Adler, Europe Editor, BBC

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