A call to arms – Naomi Smith, Best for Britain

This is a call to arms.

The time for tribalism is over.

Disengagement with civil society or cynicism about politics is not the answer.  

An internationalist alliance between people, and between parties, is vital.

I encourage all of you, if you haven’t already, to join the party that best represents your values. I want as many Remainer voices in the upcoming party leadership elections as possible.

We can’t let all the optimism of our movement to dissipate in the coming months. Don’t forget, we got more votes than the hard Brexiters in last week’s election.

Already Johnson is planning to redraw constituency boundaries and ensure that his hard Brexit Conservatives remain in power almost indefinitely.

I believe party membership is, for the moment, one of the most powerful channels for our energy. Do it today.

We must galvanise our democratic opposition to Johnson’s hard Brexit. We must support any person or party who can stand in his way. Lend your voice to that opposition.

Our movement stands for so much more than stopping Brexit. We fight against divisive, myopic politics which foisted Brexit on the UK in the first place. We’re fighting for a kinder, more open society.

And that fight is only just beginning.

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith
CEO, Best for Britain

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