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We wanted UKPEN to help local groups, so our regular newsletters often go to the email address that groups make public. But this site is largely open to all comers, so go ahead and use it.  We are also keen that more people in each group should get the letters directly (and relieve the person covering the general email address of the task of copying the important or urgent news around to core members).  So please get in touch with us using the Contact form and if you are known to your group we can  add you to our circulation list.


What is the difference between UKPEN-Listed, the default, and UKPEN-Linked?


All groups we know about 

Event Calendar
Regular Emails
Regional Facebook Groups


Those groups which have linked up with us

Event Calendar
Regular Emails
Regional Facebook Groups

+ plus +

View private events
Post your own events
Additional sensitive Toolbox
Use our mailing list
Access the email archive
Slack workspace
Help with constituency page development

Check out who has signed up already.

We have lots of groups already signed up. See the list here.