Make It Stop – Update 6 December 2019

UPDATE from the MAKE IT STOP central team 6 December 2019 – and TWO REQUESTS

Thanks a million for everything that you’re all doing in your local groups with the Make It Stop (MIS) messaging and materials. It’s awesome and inspiring.

As those of you who’ve been on the recent Make It Stop conference calls will know, as well as the brilliant “ground campaign” actions being undertaken by groups around the country, the small, central MIS team managed to raise some money to be spent on MIS branded social media ads, targeted at selected key marginal seats, where the MIS message is expected to resonate well. Social media ads are generally felt to be the most effective way of getting to the disengaged audience for whom MIS is intended and designed ie. it’s the best bang for our bucks.

Initially, using the best data/analysis we could get our hands on (ie. from Best for Britain’s polling and analysis), the MIS central team selected 10 key marginals and delivered social media ads, into those seats, promoting voter registration, up to the registration deadline (26/11). This was pretty successful.

We’ve now moved into stage 2 of the social media ads campaign. Firstly, partly as a result of local groups suggesting we increase the number of seats we target, and partly because Best for Britain issued a new set of data/analysis, we redid our seat selection process. We did this entirely consistently using exactly the same calculations and analysis as in the first selection. We’ve now identified a total of 24 key marginal seats which will receive MIS branded social media ads. The ads and messaging will vary depending on the nature of the seat (eg. the Remain/Leave balance, the average age of the electorate, whether it’s a seat being defended or a target gain).

These ads have already started to run and are already generating clickthroughs from voters looking for voting recommendations.

There are lots of implications of this. The two most important, for now, are:

1. We need to contact local groups which cover some of the newly selected seats. In particular, please direct message Gerard Burke (or contact if you are in the local group, or you know the local group, which covers any of the following seats:
– Birmingham Edgbaston
– Cardiff North
– Wirral West
– Wolverhampton South West
– Ynys Mon
– Vale of Glamorgan.

2. Not to put too fine a point on it, we need more money! Everything else that the MIS central team has done up to now has been at zero cost. Of course, now, we can’t avoid the fact that the social media companies will charge us to run the ads.

Across the 24 crucial marginal seats, we will deliver a total of over 1,000 ads, to a total audience of over 900,000 voters. This could make a huge difference.

We will continue to run the ads until we run out of money.

The more money the central MIS team has, the more ads we can run and the longer we can run them. So, the more impact the ads will have and the more likely we are to get the outcome that we all here have spent the last 3.5 years fighting for.

A number of groups, from Yorkshire to the south coast, have already generously donated to MIS. As have many individuals. And we’re enormously grateful for that.

And the more money we have, the more we can do.

So, if your group, or any individual supporters, has any spare money, we would argue that it’s far better to spend it before 12 December, doing everything we can to stop Johnson winning, than still having the cash in your bank account on 13 December – there’s not much point having it after that if the Tories win! And spending it on social media ads, delivered into key marginal seats, is the best way to spend it to influence the result of the election.

So, please donate to Make It Stop.

Rest assured, we will spend every penny on ensuring that we Stop Johnson and Stop Brexit.

Your money could make the difference between us either getting a hung Parliament and the chance to stop Brexit, or Johnson winning a majority and taking us out of the EU, on his disastrous and damaging deal, by 31/1/20.

Please give generously to help us Make It Stop.

You can make a direct bank transfer to:
Sort code: 30-94-90
Account: 22823968
Reference: MIS – (local group name)

Or via our crowdfunder at

Thanks a million in advance!

6 days. 6 days to Stop Johnson, Stop Brexit and save our country.

It’s now or never!

Here. Now. Us!

Let’s give it everything we’ve got!

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