People’s Vote/Open Britain position statement

Friday 13 December 2019 at 14:34

Hi [name],

We want to pay tribute to the millions of People’s Vote supporters who have worked tirelessly to demand that their voices are heard.

Since the election was called, tens of thousands of grassroots campaigners have mobilised all over the country. With record donations and hundreds of People’s Vote events in the last six weeks alone, it is clear that millions of people remain committed to fighting Brexit-fuelled injustice.

The People’s Vote will now refocus its campaign to concentrate on vital social issues that this government must urgently prioritise in its Brexit negotiations. We will remain a grassroots campaigning group who will act on issues of social inequality. We will put pressure on the government to stop them sacrificing opportunities for the poor and vulnerable, removing citizens’ rights, undermining the NHS and reducing job security in pursuit of a destructive Brexit driven by a hard-right minority.

We urge the government to avoid a hard Brexit that will be a disaster for our country and instead work with our European partners to get the fair deal that British people deserve. The poorest and most vulnerable will be further marginalised if Boris Johnson’s government crashes us out of the EU with no deal.

We will now redouble our efforts to make Johnson’s government accountable to the people, to give assurances that protect the weakest in our society and put the needs of the people above political ideology.

Early next year the People’s Vote campaign will rebrand and reorganise to campaign for a fair deal for Britain.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Hand

Campaign Director, People’s Vote

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