European Parliament Elections 2019

The Big Campaigns get people out to vote

This Time I'm Voting

This time it's not enough to just hope for a better future: this time we all need to take responsibility for it. So this time we're not just asking you to vote, we're also asking you to help to persuade others to vote



We stand for friendship across borders. Because the forces that divide us will never be as strong as those that unite us.

That is why we celebrate European friendship and unity ahead of the elections in May.


Useful links:

As voting day approaches how to vote for Europe?

Latest polls:

A basket of options if you count Labour as Remain: (illustration based on London).

Some "optimistic" (ie including Greens and ChangeUK) recommendations to maximise the number of Remain MEPs:

Edward Hayward says they are based on more optimism than he has:
before producing his own more reserved recommendations here:

A mainly Lib Dem (or now Green in some regions) set of recommendations - updated on 21 May -

Hugo Dixon straightforwardly recommends (InFacts 20/05) voting Green or Lib Dem:

Lib Dem or Green is usually best tactical vote in England

And the Progressive People's Party has this:

A BBC correspondent thought this sounded like a horror movie - we think the opposite:  please share the links .

How do our MEPs do?

Our Future Our Europe - UK MEP Elections Vote pro EU

Closed facebook group apply here:

A European Parliament page about the elections

D'Hondt vote calculator

And now prepare to be amazed by the work of Mario C of N.Wilts & Chippenham for EU: A D'Hondt vote calculator, written for LibreOffice Calc.

Download from here:

As Mario explains, this is a tool with multiple uses...

"It can be used to input poll data to predict what likely outcomes would be (if the polls are correct)  Then you could adjust different party's votes to see what sort of swings would change the seats.

ie: would a 5% gain by Green change the seats more or less than a 10% decline by UKIP, or would an even split of vote between UKIP to Brexit Party result in a different outcome to that if all the votes were for one of them?

It can also be used to understand the actual outcome of the election, but probably more of a tool for predicting what might happen with different scenarios."

The file will be updated  as improvements are made... in particular filling in all the Party Lists when they're announced. (and possibly doing a national totals sheet fed from the regional sheets)

A simple print-at-home "register to vote" leaflet by Tim J (Dorset for Europe) in many EU 27 languages:


Check which MEP and party you agree with:


Try and get your local authority to do as in some cases in Germany and adopt some of these gifs and other resources:

The place to get people (including yourself) started on the EP elections.