General Election 2019

We want this to be the one page where you can find everything you need relevant to fighting Brexit in the General Election 2019.  Do let us know if you have additions to suggest.


This is the government site.  Tech for UK have done a Messenger Bot to provide help if needed (

See how well our efforts to encourage registration have done:


Students can choose between their home or university address. There are two gadgets to help them choose:

Brits abroad can use their overseas vote.  This site helps them


Postal Voting - apply here by 14th, or

Proxy Voting - find a partner:

Swap your vote with someone you trust:


Tactically of course, but which?

The Scots have got their own site together:

People's Vote recommendations are here:

And all the others are in one place in this site created by a member of the Tech for UK community:

And that includes the early entry from Best for Britain (updated continually - notably on 27November):

There are a couple of aggregators coming up on the inside track:

it's the collaborative project by Represent Us and others that served so well last time).  As one of those involved has commented: "It occupies the unique and necessary space of being neutral to remain and anti Tory sentiment and providing a layer of commentary over the various partisan sites to help deal with the conflicts and confusion that they create."

  • already showing well the growing consensus between tactical voting sites (as ell as the importance of the difference between a hyphen and a dot). is a project by the @votetools collective.


Check your local group and with the tactically aware party of your choice.  The national parties have some online resources to help you find their canvassing events.; (Momentum);;

or simply sign up with

Compass have now (27 November) published their lists of priority canvassing constituencies:

More United have also published the list of candidates they are supporting:

Grahame Pigney's blog for The People's Challenge gives us some very well-informed pointers about making sure that our votes count.

Making your vote count is not just about registering and voting. Your vote has to help ensure that we get, in THIS election, what is Best for the UK!


If you want to go beneath the surface of what's going on in these tactical voting sites do keep having a look at this reference which gives a good account: